Overused words that mean nothing nowadays
Racist, sexist, bigot, [everything]phobe, and Nazi used to mean something.

To the Left (especially those with Liberal Tourettes) they all have one meaning: someone with a different opinion.

"Did you just assume that bomb's gender"?
I'm surprised a triggered feminist hasn't said that yet, especially talking about the MOAB (aka Mother Of All Bombs).

By the way.....
You guys can post entries too. I don't have to be the only one to post something. That is all. ;)

Made-up racial incidents
Don't be so gullible McFly!

Now you may have heard about the recent claim of racism against a group of 3 women on a bus at SUNY-Albany, but in reality they assaulted someone and falsely reported the claims.


This is far from the only false racial incident:

Besides the ones at Mizzou, where they're fighting supposed racism with self-segregation and making the college hostile to students and journalists alike, including the wannabe-fascist professor who tried to get a couple thugs to throw out a student journalist, there were multiple other ones:

A few years ago, a couple of Oberlin College Democrats (they were members of the group, i'm not saying it just to blame Democrats) posted these things around campus just to see how people would react:

They reported a sighting of a KKK member, fliers demeaning Martin Luther King, Jr., a flier on a student's door that was demeaning to Black History Month and talked about "A WHITE WOMAN!" being sexually assaulted, Poster of a giant Nazi flag and a Swastika on a glass door

At Berekeley High School, there was a report that the KKK was coming to their campus but it never happened.

A Grand Valley University student who found a hangman on a whiteboard (gasp! Trigger word lol) was actually who drew it herself.

A university of buffalo student named Ashley Powell created jim crow-era signs as part of an art project, but students were up in arms anyway.

A Jersey City high school class presidential candidate, 2 Montclair State University students, another two at Vasserman College, and a University of Chicago student all sent themselves hateful texts or posts or sprayed graffiti outside their own doors, with the last one starting a federal investigation (all of these incidents are rather similar).

Last but not least, at the UVA Law school, Jonathan Perkins made up a story about police harassing by claiming he was frisked and made fun of and was stopped for looking like someone they were looking for.


This is why you take these things with a grain of salt nowadays as SJWs will turn everything and anything into racism to keep stirring the pot against the "evil whiteys". However, it's a very fine line to cross.

Snow/oscars snerk
How much do you want to bet that someone like Melissa Harris-perry (who called vader's black suit racist) will call snow racist because it's all white (well, most of it anyway, unless there's smoke or smog or soot in the air). SnowSoWhite?

Speaking of something so white, has it ever occurred to the oscar crybabies that awards are earned, not given? Besides, no one's complaining about BET being all black and it's not like black people have never won an oscar before! I bet they're going to give a certain % to blacks whether or not they have any great movies. Maybe they'll call them the Quota Awards next year?

Germany's fourth reich
While we all know that merkel is an islamophile by allowing thousands of islamic refugees to cross into germany without asking the german people first, she now wants to suppress any criticism of islam with the help of mark fuc, i mean zuckerberg. (thanks to lather2002 for finding this):

Zuckerberg was asked by merkel herself to delete any posts about islam and to help find those who posted it so they can be prosecuted for "hate speech". In other words, censoring anything bad about islam. Google and facebook are doing this as well in germany.

I recently found this as it was from a day ago:

Not only that, but the german foreign minister (speaking on her behalf) wants to sue countries (like poland and hungary) who don't go along with refugees quotas set by the EU despite most of the refugees being fighting age men (as i said in a previous post).

By the way, lather2002 and prester_scott found this article about a well-known German Christian activist Heidi Mund being arrested for speaking out against Islamic prayer being held in a Lutheran church. This was her prayer that got her charged with agitation of the people towards violence (in that case, Al Sharpton should receive that charge besides tax evasion):

We pray for the real refugees, that they should again have hope for life, that our God will comfort them,…. (and) against the massive immigration of 90% young muslim men, who should not be building their own homeland here and that they should not rape our girls and women; that they should be send with the word of God – the Bible – back into their own home countries, there where they belong,… (We pray) against sickness and disease which the immigrants have brought with them,…We ask God for angels to stand on Germany’s borders as well as on the borders of Europe.”

Of course, the left will find some microaggression and call it hate speech when no religion but islam is allowed in most majority-muslim countries but not a word is said by the left about that.





Merry christmas!
Even if you don't celebrate it, merry christmas anyway. :)

By the way, i'm surprised someone (*cough* melissa harris-perry *cough*) hasn't been offended over snow and polar bears being white. :O)

Hell, she was offended by Darth Vader wearing all-black for Christ's sake! Colors of clothes are now racist? Mike rowe's right, there's no limit to being offended!

Mob Mentality in Missouri
So they got the president of the university to resign over perceived racism that was all made up.

They claimed the KKK was going to show up on campus, nope.

They claimed someone drew a swashitska, nope.

Did the Student Body President (who happens to be both gay and black) have any proof of off-campus racial slurs? Nope.

Also, these protesters were creating "safe black areas" away from the "typical white media" (as stated by ConcernedStudent150) by keeping them out! So who's segregating who?

On top of that, the hunger striker's dad made 7 million dollars last year.

Basically, like Hands Up Don't Shoot, this was all based on lies. I even tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but now i know their stories are falling through.

They're all a bunch of whining, spoiled, entitled children that think they run the campus and now have triggered more protests.


Europe's own illegal immigrant crisis
Thousands and thousands of "refugees" (about 2/3 are adult men according to the UN high commissioner of refugees, not women and children as Minitrue tries to say) are pouring into europe. It's an invasion Europe will soon no longer be able to handle because it won't be one wave of refugees.... there'll be more and more and more.

Here's the thing: when you immigrate to another country, it's not the country you left. Immigrants that come legally, assimilate, and work hard are welcome with open arms. Despite what the left says, conservatives aren't against immigration altogether, just ILLEGAL immigration.

Another thing is, why aren't these refugees going to other muslim countries? Why europe? It's a good thing to help the less-fortunate, but when it threatens your nation's identity, then the line's crossed.

The real sexism
So melvin_udall found this website the other day that shows a lot of facts and stats on the true gender inequality.

What is equal about men barely getting to see their kids while still having to pay for child support? What is equal about men having no support whatsoever if they're domestically abused? What is equal about men almost always having to pay for alimony?

Look through it and see what isn't being talked about.



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